College football homecoming program 1959 Pheonix College vs. Pierce College"I don't know what you're going through life doing if
you're not trying to collect some really great memories."

- Channing Tatum         

We all know that great memories of our childhood are heroic little triumphs. All over your home right now, your memories are perhaps housed in pictures from Vintage Sports Magazines, in NFL programs, or maybe even in a French Gossip Magazine. This Collectible Memorabilia can take you back in time in an instant to one of those feel good childhood moments.

No matter how far we journey in life, our memories are always with us in the trunk of the car waiting to be taken out and unpacked into new surroundings.

Perhaps your favorite memories are of growing up watching sports with your older brother, and now you collect the College Football Programs of that memorable time. Maybe you remember going to the movies every Saturday afternoon with your mom and you only have to look at a Vintage Magazine from those days to fill you with joy. Maybe you remember how much fun summer holidays were when you look at a Coca-Cola “adds life” advert from Vintage Magazine Ads, and reminisce about making home movies with your family playing football in the front yard. Perhaps these ads make you remember playing hopscotch with your sister, jumping along barefoot with licorice drops in your mouth. How do you remember all of your heroes, those giants you looked up to who seemed to be super human – the athletes, actors, political legends and beautiful models from the pages of Vintage Fashion Magazines

We’re here to bring back those memories to stay with you, along with the simplicity of a time when you saw the world in a totally different way. Whatever year your childhood memories are lodged in; we have the perfect way to unlock them in the present.

Tom Stoppard once said, “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” At Childhood-Sports-Memories it may seem that we sell vintage magazines, sports publications, and vintage ads but we are actually preserving your childhood memories for you. They are waiting for you to come claim them and give them a place of honor to remind you of the good times!

We have been in the business of collecting and preserving memories for you for over ten years, and we plan to continue for many more. Please take your time browsing our shop and reliving the good old days of your youth! If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to email us at:


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